Telematic services to support smallholder farmers in Guatemala

The problem

In Guatemala, 48.3% of the rural population is engaged in agriculture.

46.5% of children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition.

In the Dry Corridor region, the poverty level exceeds 70%.

The solution 

SAVIA is a telematic training and support platform for groups in vulnerable situations that combines:

- A technological platform for sending multichannel content (SMS, voice, MMS, WhatsApp);

- A participatory content construction process to adapt information and training to local contexts and capacities, becoming a tool for social change.

- A monitoring tool for data collection and analysis taking advantage of lean data principles, achieving constant adaptation to complex and changing environments.


Increase in agricultural productivity.


Improvement of the nutritional conditions of families living in poverty. 

Improvement of marketing prices.

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