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End malnutrition through technology

The problem

825 million people suffer from hunger.

8,500 children die every day from malnutrition.

30% error in diagnosis with traditional methods.

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The solution 

Nut4Health is a technological platform that transforms the way in which malnutrition interventions are implemented, through the combination of technology and local development. To do this, it transforms community health volunteers into diagnostic professionals, paying them for the results obtained. Payments are automated through "Smart contracts" that allow for an absolute transparency regarding the funds and the traceability of the payments.


In addition, Nut4Health integrates a diagnostic through photography technology, developed by Action Against Hunger and the Complutense University.


Reduction of infant mortality due to malnutrition. 

Improvement of national health systems through a management system that allows to adapt resources to the identified cases. 

Traceability and transparency in payments, through blockchain technology.


In partnership with...

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