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Social innovation platforms
Fecha de actualización: 31/10/2022

We launch social innovation platforms

We build virtuous social innovation cycles - environments in which each positive change is capitalized to trigger a succession of changes that mitigate social problems - thanks to the integrated vision of five processes, in which the transformation narrative is nourished by continuous evaluation systems.

Scaling for the acceleration of solutions

In complex environments, the joint work of multiple teams allows for an accelerated development of given problem’s solution. At SIC4Change we scale successful solutions, achieving greater impact in less time.

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Evolutive evaluation and impact measurement

We apply evaluation, monitoring and impact systems with three objectives: 1 / consolidate tools that allow for agile decision making; 2 / learn, reorient or strengthen our strategy; and 3 / measure the social impact of our work.

We build up the technology and social companies to make it happen

When we find a solution that is not available in the market but that has the potential to solve people's problems, we look for allies to make them happen. This is what we have done to tackle malnutrition, allying ourselves with Action Against Hunger and building Nut4Health; to improve the food situation of small producers, developing, together with CODESPA Foundation,  emilpa, a micro-learning platform for vulnerable people; or creating a support platform for victims of gender violence in Guatemala.


We don't wait for the change to happen, we provoke it.

Technology for human development

Creation of collective intelligence

Applying our own methodology, we listen and understand the narrative of the ones most affected by a social problem.

Join creating of solutions

Our solutions arise from a participatory work that includes social actors, companies, public administrations and that takes the potential of technology into account.

Piloting proposals

We put the solutions into practice and test their effectiveness with lean startup mechanisms, a methodology that shortens business and product development cycles, based on validated learning and feedback.

Social innovation advising

We provide advise for social innovation processes

SIC4Change’s multidisciplinary team advises organizations which need to generate or maximize their social impact. Working side by side, we adapt their capabilities to the social projects they are involved in by applying social innovation methodologies.

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