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Social cohesion for territorial development, through youth employment

The problem

The unemployment rate among the Spanish youth is 34%.

Rural Spain loses 5 inhabitants per hour.

The Sagra region has lost 5% of its population since 2008.

15.52% of the population of the la Sagra district is under 29 years old.


The solution 

SIC4Change proposes an initiative to promote the socio-occupational insertion of young people in a vulnerable situation in the la Sagra region and thus avoid its depopulation. To do this, we have created a space for exchange, reflection and generation of joint innovative solutions between regional youth, companies and public administration.

We pursue three specific objectives: (1) create dialogue spaces between different agents, to create mutual understanding and knowledge about different perceptions of vulnerability and youth employment, (2) create a narrative of change at the local level and (3) generate and launch employment initiatives for these young people through multiple stakeholder alliances, capable of stimulating the local economy.


Generation of territorial development initiatives through partnerships (youth, companies and public administration).

Launch of projects and ventures of young people from the region. 

Transformation of narratives on the rural world, linking it to a new model of progress. 


In partnership with...

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