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Impact Hiring Lab

Consultancy and reflection space for business action in youth employment

The problem

4.1 Million people in Spain have a particularly vulnerable employment situation.

57,4% of these 4 Million are women.

More than 47% are over 50 years old.

High inadequacy between companies’ demand and the workers’ profiles.

The solution 

SIC4Change participates in the design and promotion of a consultancy and training program that provides companies with the necessary tools to design management and hiring actions, with a social impact perspective.


It consists of a unique work and collaboration space, where strategic thinking is fostered by experts in the design of initiatives for employment with social impact.


Transform the way in which large companies carry out their hiring processes. 

Human resources executives from six companies have been sensitized about the difficulties their own organizations generate to hire vulnerable groups.

6 Large companies have developed inclusive hiring plans.

In partnership with...

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